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:Virtuoso! Music for Organ
Bridlington Priory Organ Specification

Virtuoso! Music for Organ - Daniel Moult performs virtuosoic twentieth-century organ music on the Bridlington Priory organOriginal organ: 1889 Charles Anneessens

Restorations: 1909 Abbott & Smith;  

1922 Hill & Son, Norman & Beard;

1949 John Compton;   1968  Laycock & Bannister        

Complete rebuild: 2004-6 Nicholson

Compass of manuals - 61 notes
Compass of pedals - 32 notes

Double Open Diapason      16 ft.      
Bourdon*                          16
Open Diapason I               8             
Open Diapason II              8             
Open Diapason III*           8             
Violon*                              8
Flûte Harmonique*            8
Bourdon*                          8             
Octave                              4
Principal*                          4
Ocarina*                           4
Octave Quint                     2 2/3
Twelfth*                           2 2/3
Super Octave                    2
Piccolo*                            2
Cornet V                 
Fourniture III                    19.22.26 
Sharp Mixture III              26.29.33                 
Bombarde                         16
Trompette                         8
Clairon                              4
* = Stops on chancel soundboard 


Viole d’Orchestre                 8 ft
Viole Célèste                       8              T.C.
Flûte Harmonique                4             
Clarinet                               8
Cor Anglais                          8             
Voix Humaine                      8
Tromba  (Pos.)                    8             
Tuba Mirabilis                      8             

Lieblich Bourdon                16 ft
Open Diapason                  8
Stopped Diapason              8
Viola da Gamba                 8
Voix Célèste                      8              T.C.
Geigen Principal                 4
Flûte Harmonique              4
Fifteenth                            2
Sesquialtera II                   12.17      
Mixture III                         15.19.22 
Plein Jeu IV                          
Double Basson                   16           
Trompette                         8
Basson                              8
Hautbois                            8
Clairon                              4

Open Diapason                  8 ft.        
Gedackt                            8             
Principal                            4
Koppelflöte                        4
Nazard                              2 2/3       
Fifteenth                           2             
Blockflöte                          2
Tierce                               1 3/5       
Larigot                              1 1/3       
Mixture IV                           
Cromorne                         8             
Tromba                             8             
Tromba Clarion                 4             

A             Double Grosse Flöte     32 ft
B             Double Soubasse          32
                Open Diapason            16
A             Grosse Flöte                 16
B             Soubasse                     16
                Bourdon                      16
                Principal                      8             
A             Flöte                            8
B             Flûtebasse                    8
                Fifteenth                     4             
B             Flûte                            4
                Mixture IV         
C             Contra Tuba                 32
C             Tubasson                     16
                Trombone                   16           
                Tromba  (Pos.)            8             
                Schalmei                     4             


Solo Octave
Solo Sub Octave
Solo Unison Off

Swell Octave
Swell Sub Octave
Swell Unison Off
Solo to Swell

Solo to Great
Swell to Great
Positive to Great

Solo to Positive
Swell to Positive

Solo to Pedal
Swell to Pedal
Great to Pedal
Positive to Pedal


10 toe pistons to Pedal
1 reversible toe piston for Great to Pedal
1 reversible toe piston for Swell to Great
1 reversible toe piston for Solo to Great
1 reversible toe piston for Contra Tuba 32ft
1 reversible toe piston for Double Gr. Flöte 32ft
1 reversible toe piston for Double Soubasse 32ft

8 thumb pistons for Positive Stops
1 reversible thumb piston for Positive to Pedal
1 reversible thumb piston for Swell to Positive
1 reversible thumb piston for Solo to Positive

10 thumb pistons for Great Stops
1 reversible thumb piston for Great to Pedal
1 reversible thumb piston for Swell to Great
1 reversible thumb piston for Positive to Great
1 reversible thumb piston for Solo to Great

10 thumb pistons for Swell Stops
10 toe pistons for Swell Stops
1 reversible thumb piston for Swell to Pedal
1 reversible thumb piston for Solo to Swell

8 thumb pistons for Solo Stops
1 reversible thumb piston for Solo to Pedal

Drawstop, Great and Pedal Combination coupler
Drawstop, Generals on Swell toe pistons

Departmental pistons have 16 channels
10 general pistons with 96 channels
Stepper (operating on general pistons)
Sequencer with 999 combinations (plus A inserts on each)

General cancel piston (beneath positive manual)

2 balanced crescendo pedals to Swell and Solo Organs

Signal lights for Rector’s Vestry and Choir Vestry

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