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Help us fund our new film on the organs' of Aristide Cavaille-Coll.


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Max Reger The Last GiantThe English Organ - Crowdfunding

The English Organ, now available to pre-buy, presented by international concert organist Daniel Moult, will chart the fascinating development of the English organ and its music from Handel to the present day. We will produce a multi-DVD boxed set of similar scale, scope and quality as our previous releases such as The Genius of Cavaillé-Coll and Maximum Reger.

TOTAL RAISED to 5th Dec 2017: £85 369

More details >here<

Crowdfund prebuy: (£68.50) £50

Recognised Subscriber - your name in the film's credits: £125

Upgrade to Recognised Subscriber - upgrade your existing 'prebuy' order to include your name in the film's credits:


Screener - DVD set including a licence to hold your own public screening £250

Patron: £500

Gold Patron: £950


Max Reger The Last GiantMax Reger: The Last Giant

Gramophone Magazine Critics' Choice 2017

Read more about the project

"Mortgage your house, sell your relatives into slavery, but get it!" Musicweb International

"Ambitious and superbly executed." BBC Music Magazine

"An answer to a prayer ... in musical terms no labour is more deserving of love than Reger’s life and work." Gramophone Magazine

A vast survey of Max Reger's best music for organ, as well as orchestral, chamber and instrumental works. Organists include Graham Barber, Bernhard Buttmann and Bernhard Haas. 6 DVDs : 80 page booklet.

(£85) £68.50| 6 x DVD | 80 Page Booklet | NTSC | 16:9 Widescreen | Region Free | Dolby Digital 5.1 | FSFDVD011

Widor Master of the Organ SymphonyWidor: Master of the Organ Symphony

This boxed set provides a complete portrait of this great composer. The centrepiece is a magnificent three-part documentary showing how Widor came to write his organ symphonies, how his compositional style developed and matured, and how these works fit into his overall career as a performer, teacher and writer. Presented by Gerard Brooks and featuring interviews with Widor scholars Daniel Roth, John Near and Anne-Isabelle de Parcevaux, this film also sets Widor’s organ music in the context of his work as a mainstream composer of operas, ballets, chamber music and orchestral symphonies.

  • DVD 1 & 2 running time: 297 minutes
  • CD 1 & 2 running time: 141 minutes
  • 88 page colour booklet

(£45) £38.50| 2 x DVD | 2 x CD | 88 Page Booklet | NTSC | DVD9 | 16:9 Widescreen | Region Free | DTS Digital Surround™ 5.1 / Dolby Digital 5.1 | FSFDVD010

Cesar Franck DVDCharles-Marie Widor DVD£145.00 Screener - host your own public screening of both Franck and Widor DVDs.

Have the right to screen both DVDs at your church or organist association, plus all of the below. Ideal for AGO chapters, local organist associations and churches.

The Melodious BirdeThe Melodious Birde

Virtuoso harpsichordist Colin Booth's love of William Byrd’s music is as old as his obsession with the harpsichord. Here Booth performs a selection of Byrd's best keyboard music, brilliantly conveying how the moods within these pieces ranging from solemn introspection to playful virtuosity. Above all, this magisterial CD shows the poetry and lyricism of Byrd's work. Three historically appropriate instruments were used, with very different sounds.  

£14.50| 1CD |

St Kastor Wayne MarshallWayne Marshall at St. Kastor Koblenz

Wayne Marshall plays the new Hugo Mayer organ of St. Kastor Koblenz, delivering a programme of improvisations on various themes as well as Norman Cocker's Tuba Tune and an exquisite performance of the Pastorale by Jean Roger-Ducasse. 

£14.50| 1CD |

A Giant Reborn CD by Gerard BrooksA Giant Reborn

Gerard Brooks plays a wide and varied programme of English organ music on the fabulously restored organ of Christ Church Spitalfields.

£24.50| 2CDs |

Parthenia Nova Parthenia Nova

Simon Thomas Jacobs performs on the first CD recorded on the Richards, Fowkes & Co organ of St George's, Hanover Square. Music includes Bohm, Sweelinck, Weckmann, Philips and first performances of works by David Sanger, Joel Martinson and Philip Moore.

£14.50| 1CD |

Parthenia Nova Art of Fugue Two Richards, Fowkes & Co Organs - Special Offer on Parthenia Nova and Art of Fugue DVD.

Parthenia Nova is our second recording of a Richards, Fowkes & Co organ. Buy it together for a discounted price with the Art of Fugue DVD and 2xCD boxed set, recorded on their organ in Scottsdale, Arizona.

£29.50 | 1CD plus 1DVD+2CD set|

Sietze CD Sietze de Vries - Katharinenkirche Hamburg

Sietze de Vries plays Bach, Reincken and Praetorius on the newly recreated organ of the Hamburg Katharinenkirche, plus a fabulous half-hour chorale improvisation.


£14.50 | 1CD |

The Genius of Cavaillé-Coll

Best Documentary
BBC Music Magazine Awards 2014

The Genius of Cavaillé-Coll is a triumph - a fascinating and captivating film of huge scope and ambition. Lovers of organ music will be very grateful indeed.” BBC Music Magazine

Winner, Deutschen Schallplattenkritikpreis

The Genius of Cavaillé-Coll celebrates the life and work of Aristide Cavaillé-Coll (1811 – 1899), the great French organ builder whose work inspired the magnificent compositions of the French Romantic Organ School – Franck, Widor, and Guilmant.

  • DVD1 The Genius of Cavaillé-Coll (Three-Part Documentary – 156 minutes)
  • DVD2 The Organs of Cavaillé-Coll (Demonstrations and Music – 202 minutes)
  • DVD3 Après Cavaillé-Coll (Demonstrations and Music – 139 minutes)
  • CD 1 and 2 The Sounds of Cavaillé-Coll (Music – 142 minutes)

£68.50 | 3 x DVD | 2 x CD | 80 Page Booklet | NTSC | DVD9 | 16:9 Widescreen | Region Free | DTS 96/24 Digital Surround™ 5.1 / Dolby Digital 2.0 | FSFDVD007

- Temporarily out of stock -

£199.00 SCREENER - host your own public screening | ideal for AGO chapters, local organist associations and churches |

SALE: Alkmaar: The Organs of the Laurenskerk

"Stupendous. For anyone interested in historic organs of northern Europe, it would be remiss not to have this in your library. I heartily recommend everything about it." Journal of the Association of Anglican Musicians

Winner, Deutschen Schallplattenkritikpreis


£31.50| 2 Disc Digipack | DVD-9 | NTSC | Region Free | 16:9 Widescreen | Dolby Digital |


£175.00 | Host your own public screening of the film | Ideal for AGO Chapters, local organist associations and churches | Free Postage and Packing|

Bach's The Art of Fugue - CD and DVD featuring the documentary film Desert FugueSALE: The Art of Fugue performed by George Ritchie

"The finest recording of the Art of Fugue" Gramophone Magazine

2CD + DVD + Booklet

“A tremendously illuminating and magnificently produced documentary.”
Gramophone Magazine

£31.50 SALE £28.50 | 3 Disc Digipack | DVD-9 | NTSC | Region Free | 16:9 Widescreen | Dolby Digital |

Louis Couperin Harpsichord Louis Couperin - Harpsichord Music

Colin Booth plays suites, dances and unmeasured preludes by this magisterial composer of the French golden age on an original harpsichord by Nicholas Celini.

£14.50| 1CD |

J.S. Bach Goldberg VariationsJ.S. Bach - Goldberg Variations performed by Colin Booth

"This recording stands out in a crowded field" Early Music Review |

£9.50 | 1 CD |

Colin Booth Buxtehude Buxtehude - Suites and Variations

Colin Booth, harpsichord

"Gutsy, virtuosic playing... Booth brings the music right off the page." Early Music Today

£9.50 | 1 CD |

Mattheson Harmony's Monument Johann Mattheson - The Twelve Suites of 1714

Colin Booth, harpsichord

"Very satisfying performances" Music Web International

£14.50 | 2 CD |

Colin Booth Grounds Grounds for Pleasure - Keyboard Music from 17th Century England

Colin Booth, harpsichord

"A characterful, honest and engaging recital" Gramophone

£9.50 | 1 CD |

Louis Couperin HarpsichordJ.S. Bach Goldberg VariationsBuxtehude Suites and VariationsMattheson Harmony's MonumentColin Booth GroundsBuy five Colin Booth CDs - Couperin, Bach Goldbergs, Buxtehude, Mattheson and Grounds for Pleasure for the discounted total price of £39.50


£39.50 | 5 CDs |

Did Bach Really Mean That? by Colin BoothDid Bach Really Mean That? by Colin Booth

"Invaluable" Colin Tilney

Includes free copy of Colin Booth's CD recording of the Goldberg Variations.

£39.99 | 1 Hardback Book | Colin Booth explores notation and performance practice in this wonderfully clear study of Bach's keyboard music |


van beek bach clavierubung martinikerk groningen organ J.S. Bach - Clavierubung Part III

Wim van Beek , organ of the Martinikerk, Groningen

"A feast to Bach!" Reformatorisch Dagblad

£17.50 | 2CD |

bach martinikerk groningen organ wim van beek organ schnitger Bach at the Martinikerk, Groningen

Wim van Beek , organ

£12.50 | 1 CD |

bach roskilde organ wim van beek Bach at Roskilde

Wim van Beek , organ

£12.50 | 1 CD |

wim van beek organ martinikerk groningen mozart brahms mendelssohn messiaen Mozart, Mendelssohn, Brahms, Messiaen

Wim van Beek , organ of the Martinikerk, Groningen

£12.50 | 1 CD |

wim van beek organ martinikerk groningen mozart brahms mendelssohn messiaenbach roskilde organ wim van beekbach martinikerk groningen organ wim van beek organ schnitgervan beek bach clavierubung martinikerk groningen organBuy all four van Beek CDs for the discounted price of £47.50


£47.50 | 4 CDs |

Gershwin and Bernstein Improvised

Wayne Marshall, organ

"vivacious ... auspicious ... intense ... euphoric ... ebullient ... effervescent ... enchantingly poetic ... delightful." ***** Choir and Organ Magazine

£12.50 | 1 CD |

Towards a Modernist Organ

"Fine music expertly chosen " The Organists' Review

£18.50 | 2 Disc Digipack | DVD-9 | NTSC | Region Free | 16:9 Widescreen | Dolby Digital |


Cesar FranckFranck: Father of the Organ Symphony

Franck Father of the Organ Symphony Award"The most authoritative and comprehensive filmed survey and detailed exploration of César Franck’s organ music."

Gramophone Magazine - DVD of the Month April 2015

“A veritable visual and tonal encyclopedia … this is without doubt one of the best classical music releases of 2014.”

L'Est Républicain

César Franck (1822 – 1890) founded the French symphonic organ school with twelve great compositions, all of which are found in this four disc set. At the centre of the set are three films that explore his life and work. In Franck: Life of an
, Eric Lebrun, biographer of Franck, traces the most important events of his life and shows how his organ music fits into his overall canon. In An Introduction to Franck’s Twelve Great Organ Works, David Noël-Hudson offers a textual analysis of all twelve pieces, including a groundbreaking thesis showing how the Trois Chorals can be seen as a single, cyclic work with three movements. In Franck and Performance Practice on the Organ, Joris Verdin demonstrates how to play Franck’s music in a historically informed manner.

  • Four disc set (2 x DVD and 2 x CD)
  • DVDs 1 & 2: 349 minutes
  • CD 1 & 2: 145 minutes


Ex Tempore

"A phenomenally successful release" International Record Review

Sold Out - audio available on iTunes/digital

Virtuoso! Music for Organ, featuring Daniel MoultVirtuoso! Music for Organ

"Exhilarating" Gramophone Magazine


Sold Out - audio available on iTunes/digital

The Elusive English Organ featuring Daniel MoultThe Elusive English Organ

"Excellent" The Organists' Review

Sold Out - audio available on iTunes/digital

 Pronkjuwelen in Stad en Ommeland - The historic organs of the province of Groningen

Pronkjuwelen in Stad en Ommeland

"The most beautifully produced volume that I have ever seen" The Organists' Review

£68.50 SALE £58.50

| 6 Disc Case | DVD9 | 16:9 Widescreen | Region Free | Dolby Digital |

Bach's complete organ works performed by George Ritchie on 11 CDsJ.S. Bach - Complete Organ Works performed by George Ritchie

"High virtuosity and exquisite excellence" The American Organist

44.50 | 11 CDs | Fully Illustrated Booklet |

Once Upon a Time in KnoxvilleOnce Upon a Time in Knoxville

“A fresh perspective and fun way to ponder the future of the human race” Film Threat

£5.99 | Limited Edition | PAL & NTSC ON DVD10 | 16:9 Widescreen | Region Free | Dolby Digital |

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