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Pronkjuwelen in Stad en Ommeland

Pronkjewelen in Stad en Ommeland - The historic organs of the province of GroningenThe authoritative history of the richest collection of historic pipe organs in the world, those in the Dutch province of Groningen. Boxed set comprising one DVD, five CDs and a book.

The CDs include performances by Sietze de Vries of repertoire from Scheidemann to Schumann and a series of historically styled improvisations.

The DVD contains the documentary film Martinikerk Rondeau which features Cor Edskes, Jürgen Ahrend, Bernhardt Edkes, Reint Wobbes.

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Never before seen footage of twenty historic organs.

Available in mainland Europe exclusively from http://www.muziekhandel-boeijenga.nl/

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