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Once Upon a Time in Knoxvile title picture

Rollo bought a farm to live the hippie dream, but realized that it wouldn't support him and his family. Therefore he built houses to rent out from discarded materials that he scavenged. He, his family and his tenants live life in what he defines as a third world way, and are happy to get by with almost nothing. They grow food, refine bio-diesel, generate hot water from the sun, use outhouses. But some may find his ideas uncomfortable. He thinks communities scavenging on landfill dumps is good.

Rollo sees his way of life as the way of life of the future. The farm is an oasis of efficiency and reuse, but his efforts are dwarfed by the wastefulness and profligacy of the city around them. The farm is surrounded by land devastated by consumerism, closed factories, acres of asphalt, even a nuclear waste dump from the 1940s. The world outside is clearly unsustainable.
Rollo's Farm - Cecycle Center
After a lifetime of reuse, he thinks conventional recycling only enables corporations to produce more trash, and he believes the economy has to collapse before it can be saved. And if it does, many people may come to live like Rollo. And if they do, they will find that Rollo's lifestyle, far from being limited or poor, is fulfilling and satisfying.

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