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Help us fund our new film on the organs' of Aristide Cavaille-Coll.

:The English Organ

PreBuy The English Organ Multi-DVD Box Set


Upcoming Multi-DVD Boxed Set from Fugue State Films

Amount needed £120 000
Amount raised £98 000 (as of Mar 9th 2018)

Daniel MoultThe English Organ, now available to pre-buy, will be presented by international concert organist Daniel Moult, will chart the fascinating development of the English organ and its music from Handel to the present day. We will produce a multi-DVD boxed set of similar scale, scope and quality as our previous releases such as The Genius of Cavaillé-Coll and Maximum Reger. We seek to maintain our high standards, prestigious awards, excellent reviews and strong sales to a loyal international audience.

Sydney Town Hall OrganThe centrepiece of our new release will be a three-part documentary tracing the history and development of the organ and its music in England and its empire during the period from 1700 to the present, showing the vibrant culture of the organ and its music, and how this mirrors and represents the wider historical trends of the period. The DVDs will also include full filmed performances of three hours of music from Handel to the present day, played on a range of suitable organs by Daniel Moult. In addition to this we plan works for organ and orchestra as well as choir and organ.

We need to raise £120,000. We already have pledges of large donations of £22,000 and investment of £21,000. Company deferrals account for £25,000. We have therefore already raised more than half - £68,000. We aim to find £22,000 more in investment and donations. That leaves £30,000, which, as with our previous releases, we need to raise through crowdfunding.

Drake KeysMuch of the success of the project will come from access to a superb selection of the best instruments from the period. At present our list of organs in the UK, Germany, USA, Australia and New Zealand is taking shape. We aim to include about twenty outstanding instruments, and the following are confirmed:

Christ Church, Spitalfields - Richard Bridge
Ashridge Hall - Thomas Elliot
St Bartholomew’s, Armley - Edmund Schulze
St Dominic's Priory, London - Henry Willis
St George’s, Cullercoats - T.C. Lewis
St Mary Redcliffe - Harrison & Harrison
Westminster Cathedral - Henry Willis & Sons
Susi Jeans's house organ, now at Birmingham Conservatoire - Eule / Hill, Norman & Beard
Royal Festival Hall - Harrison & Harrison

Several more organs by builders such as Hill, Gray and Davison, etc will be confirmed forthwith, including a major Willis cathedral organ.

Overseas filming will include the USA:

First Universalist Church, Rochester, NY - Hope-Jones
St Ignatius Loyola, New York City - Mander

We also plan to include an extraordinary German instrument built in English town hall style, where we plan to film organ and orchestral works:

Duisburg Philharmoniker Eule (in English style)

We will film in Australia and New Zealand, and the provisional list of instruments includes:

Sydney Town Hall - Hill & Son
Auckland Cathedral - Nicholson

As well as significant Australasian works by the following builders: Brindley, Hill & Son, Bevington, J. W. Walker, Forster and Andrews, and Hill, Norman and Beard.

Performances will be filmed at all these locations, of music by Handel, Stanley, Wesley, Smart, Stanford, Brahms, Elgar, Bridge, Howells, Parry, Vaughan-Williams, Whitlock, Thalben-Ball, Britton, Hollins, Britten, Brockless, Gowers, MacMillan, Leighton etc. We also plan choral music from the Anglican tradition and works for organ and orchestra.

For further information or to invest, please contact Will Fraser: will@fuguestatefilms.co.uk 

PreBuy The English Organ Multi-DVD Box Set

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