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:The Elusive English Organ

The Elusive English Organ - A documentary film and recording featuring Daniel MoultBetween about 1550 and 1830, some of the most beautiful
English music was written for the organ, by composers such as Byrd, Purcell, Handel and Stanley.

In the documentary The Elusive English Organ, Daniel Moult sets out to perform this repertoire on appropriate organs of the time. But this is by no means straightforward. Many organs have been destroyed or changed beyond recognition. The Reformation, the Civil War and the Victorian zeal for rebuilding took a great toll on this country’s original organ heritage.

Therefore, to accomplish his goal, Daniel has to journey to some surprising places: private chapels, country houses, even a trip to France. In doing so he finds some of the few remaining English organs built between 1550 and 1830.
These fascinating instruments allow him to show the relationship between the historic English organ and its music.

Featuring: Dominic Gwynn, John Mander and Kimberly Marshall

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