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Help us fund our new film on the organs' of Aristide Cavaille-Coll.

:The Genius of Cavaillé-Coll

Technical Notes

3 x Dual-Layer DVD-9, layer transition may cause a pause in the video playback.

Audio formats on the DVD:


DTS 96/24™*

Dolby Digital


2.0 Stereo

2.0 Stereo

Organ Demonstrations

5.1 Surround

2.0 Stereo

Music videos

4.1 Surround

2.0 Stereo

(the CD Audio is PCM stereo)

*96kHz 24bit sound on compatible playback equipment (backwards compatible  with all DTS equipment)

*Dialogue recorded at 48kHz.

*Orleans music recorded at 48kHz 24bit.

Please try turning off any form of dynamic range compression or audio processing in your DVD player, AV amplifier, or software player's audio settings. Turning these options off usually gives the best sound quality.

We have included a sub-bass channel in the DTS tracks on DVD2 and DVD3, which contains frequencies below 120Hz. You may need to adjust the volume of your sub-woofer to obtain the best audio balance for your room.



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