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David Wakefield, President, The Organ Club

Having already bought all previous Fugue State organ DVDs I’m hugely impressed with their artistic concept, quality and content. I shall certainly invest £1000 in Fugue State’s new project “The organs of Cavaillé-Coll”

David Wakefield, President, The Organ Club



A company has emerged to put all former producers to shame: Fugue State Films. Another big company? Far from it, just two very talented and committed individuals: Will Fraser and Simon Still. And yet they have created landmark productions including Martinikerk Rondeau, The Elusive English Organ and The Art of Fugue that have gained world-wide recognition as simply the very best of their kind. I reviewed Martinikerk Rondeau for the Organ Club Journal and finished by saying: "It is an object lesson in how to tackle organ historiography in such a way that whether your interest is history, culture, religion in Europe, organs or organ music you will be thoroughly satisfied, entertained, informed and delighted by this 'must have' addition to any organ lover's collection".

I had been in regular contact with Will Fraser helping him with publicity when he asked me for any ideas about future projects. Thinking back to past organ visits I wondered about Cavaillé-Coll but expected that someone had done it already. Then who to suggest as the player? One name came to mind immediately, Gerard Brooks, the perfect player who also has excellent contacts with organs and organists in France. So that's how my idea came about, I was later to learn that a similar idea had also occurred to Gerard Brooks himself.

With a confluence of thoughts like that this has to be a winner. So I urge the great British organ public to support this splendid venture and make it happen. For once you can really see your contribution bear fruit and make a difference. You might also find out what an associate producer does: associates with other producers as far as I can see!

Steve Dunk, Organ Club Journal


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