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Help us fund our new film on the organs' of Aristide Cavaille-Coll.

Why will it cost £80,000?

The Organs of Cavaillé-Coll will cost £80,000 to produce. Why will it cost this?

A lot of the project’s £80,000 budget will be spent on travel. Four people (director, director of photography, sound engineer and presenter / organist) will be on the road in France for at least fifteen days, spread over at least two separate trips. So that means vehicle rentals, ferries, rail journeys and other transport expenses, hotels, food, insurance and such things. To these we have to add rentals for the specialist film and audio equipment that we will need with us. Then we add location expenses. The organs all have to be tuned, which is very expensive, and at places such as St Ouen, in Rouen, where the venerable organ is showing signs of age, an organ technician will have to be with us for the duration of the three days of filming and recording there. Because of the international release of the film, we need to pay for the translation and subtitling of the film in French, English and German. The packaging has to be designed, and we must manufacture 3000 DVD sets, with booklets, CDs, etc. And this is before factoring in the time of Fugue State Films – this project will absorb at least 160 days of company time. All told, this adds up to £80,000.

The retail price of the DVD/CD set, £50, reflects all of these production costs.

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