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Help us fund our new film on the organs' of Aristide Cavaille-Coll.



Award winning production of documentary films. Please find out more about us using the menus to the left and below.

Best DVD Documentary - BBC Magazine Music Awards 2014The Genius of Cavaillé-Coll wins 'DVD Documentary Award' at the BBC Music Magazine Awards 2014



Crowd Funding - Franck and Widor

Cesar Franck DVDCharles-Marie Widor DVDHelp us raise £25,000 to make the first ever documentaries about Franck and Widor. The films will be released in 2014 as part of DVD/CD boxed sets crammed with material.

Find out more about our campaign and each release by clicking Franck or Widor and contribute to the campaign by visting our shop.



The Genius of Cavaille-Coll box     Alkmaar: The Organs of the Laurenskerk

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Best DVD Documentary - BBC Music Magazine Awards 2014

The Genius of Cavaillé-Coll is a triumph - a fascinating and captivating film of huge scope and ambition." BBC Music Magazine DVD Choice, April 2013

"For anyone interested in the development of the organ, this glorious box-set is an indispensable purchase.” Gramophone Magazine DVD of the Month, April 2013

“It is hard to do justice to the story of Cavaillé-Coll, and no-one has come as close as a magnificent new release from Fugue State Films...No-one interested in organ music, or indeed in 19th-century French culture, can afford to ignore this release” The Sunday Telegraph

“I can unreservedly commend this magnificent production which so eloquently celebrates Cavaillé-Coll, and which lays before us such a glorious banquet of ravishing sounds and images.” The Organists’ Review

“It would be impossible to single out any component, musical, visual, or textual, within this amazing package which does not provide unmitigated delight...nobody with even a passing interest in the organ and nineteenth-century French organ music should miss the chance to own this remarkable release: it is a magnificent achievement!” International Record Review


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